Christophe FLAMMANG, 5 Dan, Shidoin

born 1972

He started aikido in 1987, joined the Aikido Kopstal-Bridel in 1989 at the beginning.
As a young 1rst kyu he became an uchideshi in the USA first under Rick Stickles Shihan and then at the NY Aikikai under Y. YAMADA Shihan and S. SUGANO Shihan in 1991.  At the same time there was Donovan WAITE as uchideshi , now 7th Dan Aikikai Shihan, giving a lot of classes.

He passes his test for shodan Aikikai in New York on March 28th 1992 as an 19 year old.

Currently ranked Godan Aikikai since 01/2020 by Yamada Sensei, Shidoin

He is teaching regular classes on Wednesdays for kids,  for adults and adolescents.