akb Aikido Kopstal-Bridel   stamp

Aikikai Luxembourg established 1989
member of Aikido Sansuikai International - Europe
J.J. (Jisch) SCHEUREN                    
6th Dan Rokudan Aikikai
Moniteur C ENEPS, Moniteur FLAM

Senior Instructors

Dilette SCHEUREN                           
Christophe FLAMMANG                   
Nico CUELENAERE                          
Alain WAGNER                                 
6th Dan Rokudan Aikikai
5th Dan Godan Aikikai
5th Dan Godan Aikikai 
4th Dan Yondan Aikikai

Moniteur agréé CSA

Moniteur FLAM
Moniteur FLAM



Sergio SCANDIZZO                          
Francisco NADAL de Simone           
Nathalie DE GOEDE                          

4th Dan Yondan Aikikai
3rd Dan Sandan Aikikai
2nd Dan Nidan Aikikai

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NEWS:    *** all classes in the new dojo in Bridel are in accordance with the renewed pandemic law in Luxembourg***
                           maximum 10 persons per class with 2 m distance in a total of 400 m2 of the sports hall, please bring your bokken and jo

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Last update: 19/03/2021